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Terms of use and privacy policy

​All rights in the contents of the site are reserved to Adv. Zohar Mor ©, the owner of the site.

The website owner respects the privacy of website users and this privacy policy describes how information is used.



The site does not collect information, except for the information provided by its members and the purchasers of the products for the purpose of carrying out the transactions. At the same time, use of the site is consent to the fact that we will collect, save and use your information in a manner that will change from time to time. We guarantee that the information of the surfers will not be given to a third party under any circumstances , but for the purposes of marketing and selling the site's products only. If you do not agree with the terms of these terms, we ask you to stop using the site and refrain from entering or connecting to the site.


Purchase through the website

A purchase through the website can be canceled in accordance with the law. Books will be returned in their original packaging. The shipping cost will not be refunded. Cancellation of courses will be possible within 14 days. Materials will be sent to the purchasers of the courses only after the end of the contract cancellation period.
To cancel, you can contact through the website, or directly by email
We will get back to you soon.


The essence of the site

The Zohar Zoe Mor website ( provides information in the field of regulation, compliance, risk management and mythology. Including, professional content, articles, information sheets, a blog, which are provided free of charge to surfers and are also used as an image web profile. The contents of the blog express the personal position of the writer and the writer is not responsible for the interpretation of any of the readers, or for updating the information on a regular basis. The website owner makes efforts to provide reliable and complete information, but mistakes may occur in the presentation of the information or its processing. That is why you should not rely on what is said on the website in its entirety and to get complete and updated information, you can contact the owner of the website.


Use of the site

The use of the site's contents is for personal use only and in accordance with the terms of fair trade. Do not distribute, copy, reproduce or make derivative works of the site's contents. For approvals and additional information, you can contact the website owner.

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